Complicated and expensive; that’s the common opinion about strong two-factor authentication. Especially in the context of authentication security is of double importance:

On the one hand, sensitive data must securely be protected against unauthorized access. On the other hand, a solid trust relationship needs to be established between a company and its partners, customers and suppliers. If portals are only protected by a username and password authentication, this might lead to uncertainty with the users who are aware to these risks.

Additional importance is added to the security aspect against the background that companies also provide Single Sign-On (for reasons of user-friendliness) with the portal implementation; thus, customers can after initial authentication visit different areas of the portal without having to enter their user credentials again. The bigger the access area for users, the higher will be the damage caused by unauthorized, criminal access. As a result the initial authentication must be designed as secure as possible.

So far, portal operators had the option to enhance access security using two different methods: one-time assword token and the PKI (Public Key Infrastructure, X.509 Certificates). Both methods guarantee for highest security standard. But costs and logistic efforts – like shipping the hardware to frequently changing users – put a non-negligible burden on operators.

trustAnywhere has developed a more cost-efficient, strong two-factor authentication based on different methods: Grid Card, Softokens (generated in Blackberry, Windows Mobile devices, iPhone, Sysmbian devices), Employee Cards.

We adapt continously new technologies and if you prefer any other mecanism we will be able to integrate in your landscape. 

All products are easy to implement and we put a special focus on the lowest possible administration effort to reduce the TCO.