ta for SAP

ta for SAP is our solution for strong authentication the SAP portal.

ta for SAP is completely integrated in the portal and platform independant. There is no component, which would increase the complexity and the administration work.  There is no additional server or database and the

You can use all mecanisms for the first logon or just for areas. As with all ta products you can establish policies on user, group and global level. All policies and be set  for particular networks or systems. For instance you can easily define a policy that strong authentication is only necessary outside the coorporate network. 
Another unique feature of all ta products is the auto registration feature. Usually deployment and asignment of the tokens are the most challenging and time consuming tasks when  introducing strong authentication. With ta you just have to deploy the tokens and the users can register themselves on first logon. You may even restrict the auto registration feature to the internal network.

Grid card seld registration



Example for grid card autoregistration.
If a user still does not have a grid card assigned he can register his card himself, depending on the policies.




Access with grid card



Example for authentication with grid card.
After providing username and password the user will be asked for a coordinate.
No coordinate will be reused until all coordinates are used up.