IT consulting services

trustAnywhere provides consulting sevices for security technology, especially in SAP environments and  our professionals have extensive project experience. Our main areas are:

Single sign-on

With increasing complexity of system landscapes it is a challenge for the users to manage their passwords accross all systems.  As a consequence there are more incidents for lost passwords, especially for rarely used systems like employee self services.
Single sign-on is the solution to increase user acceptance and to reduce the user administration work. With single sign-on the user  has to identify himself just once, in most scenarios this is the Windows logon. For all other systems this primary logon information is forwarded  and the user will be recognized without any additional logon.
trustAnywhere assists you in finding the right strategy and to integrate all your systems in your single sign-on scenario. trustAnywhere can also provide  you solutions to integrate any 3rd party system with single sign-on in your SAP portal.  If you have any special needs or if you even think your preferred secenario is technically not possible contact us and we will be glad to find a suitable solution for you.

Identity management

In many case identity information is repeatedly stored in different systems. This means more administration effort by creating user IDs manually in all required systems  and makes is more difficult to keep all information in sync. When a new employee enters the company usually he will ask for any missing user IDs or authorization.  This leads to more incidents and thus a higher load for the user administrators. On the other hand it happens very easily that a user account is not deleted or locked when  an employee leaves the company, which might lead to an important security risk. Identity management solutions provide an integral management for all systems and reduce  significantly the daily administration work.
For new authorization requests the user administrator cannot decide wheter to grant or deny them in many cases. Usually the person responsible for the application or area  is the only one who can approve the request and it doesn't make much sense to involve a user administrator afterwards just to deploy it. trustAnywhere can help you in  designing automatic workflows, which can be even approved from mobile devices like Blackberries.

Cryptography - Digital signature

In many scenarios you need a secure reliable proof of authenticity of your electronic documents. Digital signatures can provide this by identifying the issuer  and guarantee non-repudiation. Nevertheless there are many pitfalls in establishing a successfull strategy. trustAnywhere assists you in finding the right strategy  and to meet the legal requirements.